Prophecies of MCM0530

WrestleMania XXVIII 2012

John Cena vs. The Rock

Prediction:John Cena
Prophecy:At Wrestlemania: John Cena 6-2, The Rock 4-4. Dwayne, you disappoint me so much... I personally don't understand how everyone can get behind a guy who has barely even shown up on WWE programming for the past decade, much less wrestle. Believe me, I miss the old Rock and the attitude era too, but The Rock is no longer THAT GUY. He's a movie star who abandoned the fans for greener pastures. I really hope that is how this match is played out and Cena comes out on top, but the fans will most likely get behind The Crock, so we could see The People's Chump with a win.
Result:The Rock wins
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CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

WWE Championship

Prediction:Chris Jericho
Prophecy:At Wrestlemania: CM Punk 2-3, Chris Jericho 4-6. This is another very hard match to predict. I think Jericho should have walked into Wrestlemania as the champion so Punk could win it back, but this changes things. I am going with Jericho winning the title. Over the years, I have become a big fan of CM Punk, but he will never...evvvvverrr be Chris Jericho! I think Jericho will win the title, but it won't be long before Punk wins it back.
Result:CM Punk wins
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Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

World Heavyweight Championship

Prophecy:At Wrestlemania: Sheamus 0-2-1, Bryan 0-1-1. These two wrestled at last year's Wrestlemania in a dark match for the U.S. title, so this is actually a rematch for a bigger prize. Their match went to a no-contest last year, so I am sure we will have a winner this time. Their roles are reversed this year as well with Bryan walking in as champion. Since 1993 (when the Rumble/Wrestlemania rule was first established), the Rumble winner has gone on to face the champion at Wrestlemania 17 times. The challenger has successfully won the title at Wrestlemania 11 times and failed 6 times. 4 out of those 6 failures were the past four Wrestlemanias (2008-2011). The winner of the Rumble has not gone on to win the championship since 2007 when the Undertaker defeated Batista. I think Danielson is the better champion, but the Rumble winner is due to come out with some gold!
Result:Sheamus wins
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Undertaker vs. Triple H

Hell in a Cell with HBK as Referee

Prophecy:At Wrestlemania: Undertaker 19-0, Triple H 7-8. The way this match SHOULD go is Undertaker closing out his career with a perfect Wrestlemania record. I smell the return of the Bikertaker at Wrestlemania too. On the flip side, Triple H is an egomaniac.. even worse... he's an egomaniac with power. He may just do what he has promised and end Taker permanently. HBK is acting completely different than last year. At Wrestlemania 27, he was telling Triple H that he can't win and walking out with his head down in shame...but this year he's pissed at Triple H because he didn't want to have the match at first. The writers really need to make up their minds. Will this be the year Shawn Michaels gives one of them sweet chin music, now that he is special guest referee? This may be the 3rd time we've seen Undertaker/Triple H at Wrestlemania, but for the first time In Undertaker/Mania history, this could really go either way. I still go with Undertaker 20-0
Result:Undertaker wins
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Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

Intercontinental Championship

Prediction:Big Show
Prophecy:At Wrestlemania: Big Show 3-8, Cody Rhodes 1-2. Cody is eventually going to be in a world title picture, so part of me thinks may actually drop the title here so he can go after that, but does it make sense for 500 pound Big Show to be Intercontinental champion? The answer is no....but since when does WWE writing make sense? I am going with Big Show, even if the title doesn't end up changing just so he can slightly improve his horrible Wrestlemania record.
Result:Big Show wins
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Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy

12-Man Tag Team Match for Control of Raw and SmackDown

Prediction:Team Johnny
Prophecy:At Wrestlemania: Santino 2-1, Kofi 1-3, Truth 0-2, Khali 2-2, Ryder 0-2, Booker 2-4, Otunga 0-0, Henry 0-6, Dolph 0-2, Swagger 1-0, Drew 0-2, Miz 2-2. First off all, any tag team match with more than 6 people should be elimination. There are way too many people involved here and its ridiculous to have a 1-fall match. That being said, I would personally rather see Teddy's team win since I find John Laryngitis to be very annoying. Johnny has a slightly stronger team overall, so I see them winning control of Raw and Smackdown for Mr. Excitement.
Result:Team Johnny wins
1 Point Awarded

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Prediction:Randy Orton
Prophecy:At Wrestlemania: Orton 4-4, Kane 7-8. I assume this little rivalry was thrown together because Orton didn't have anything to do at Wrertlemania. I really see no reason for Kane to take a win here, so I will say Orton gets by Kane and then sets his apex predatory sights on another world title.
Result:Kane wins
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Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve

Prediction:Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly
Prophecy:At Wrestlemania: Maria 0-0, Kelly 0-2, Eve 0-2, Beth 1-2. Celebrities don't lose Wrestlemania, no matter how ridiculous the match is. BS matches like this are the reason the GM match has to be a 12 man tag in order to fit everyone in...typical FUBAR'ed WWE priorities.
This is my lock.
Result:Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly win
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