Prophecies of Eddie Rocks

WrestleMania XXVIII 2012

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

WWE Championship

Prediction:CM Punk
Prophecy:Can't see Punk losing at Wrestlemania especially now after Jericho has made it much more personal with the Straight edge lifestyle. I think Punk deserves a big Wrestlemania win and I can see a rematch next ppv where Jericho wins the title.
Result:CM Punk wins
1 Point Awarded

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

World Heavyweight Championship

Prophecy:Im very happy that Bryan gets to main event wrestlemania and i think he's been a great champ. While I think that Randy Orton may get added to the match i still expect Sheamus to win based on the fact that a RR winner has not won the title in the last 5 years.
Result:Sheamus wins
1 Point Awarded

Undertaker vs. Triple H

Hell in a Cell with HBK as Referee

Prophecy:While i would have loved HHH to break the streak I think this is the perfect opportunity to end Undertakers career with a 20-0 record at Wrestlemania.
Result:Undertaker wins
1 Point Awarded

Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

Intercontinental Championship

Prediction:Cody Rhodes
Prophecy:Theres no reason for Big show to win the I.C title. Codys going to be the longest reining I.C champion and a duo champion with the World heavyweight title after he wins Money in the bank.
Result:Big Show wins
0 Points Awarded

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Prediction:Randy Orton
Prophecy:Feel sorry for Orton, for his work this past year he should have been rewarded with a better Wrestlemania match.
This is my lock.
Result:Kane wins
0 Points Awarded (-1 bonus point)

Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve

Prediction:Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly
Prophecy:Always a good bet to go with the celebrity.
Result:Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly win
1 Point Awarded

Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy

12-Man Tag Team Match for Control of Raw and SmackDown

Prediction:Team Johnny
Prophecy:This is quite a tough one to predict. While Team Johnny has picked a superior team, it's hard to bet against the faces winning at Wrestlemania. I think its clear that Johhny is the man to be the Gm for both shows. While Teddy has been really over with the crowd for the last couple of weeks I doubt that he will become the ultimate Gm.
Result:Team Johnny wins
1 Point Awarded

John Cena vs. The Rock

Prediction:The Rock
Prophecy:The toughest one of the night, I just can't see Cena being able to get a clean win over The rock in his hometown. Therefore the only other option would be for a Cena heel turn because as he said on Raw "He needs to win this match" However its hard to imagine this happening just now, but theres no way Wrestlemania can end with a Cena Rock handshake after a clean cena win . Im thinking Rock wins this and a slow build Cena heel turn begins over frustration with the loss.With Cena cheating to win the rematch at Summerslam.
Result:The Rock wins
1 Point Awarded
Total Points: 6 (-1 Bonus Point)

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