Prophecies of saad

TLC 2011

Mark Henry vs. Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship

Prediction:Mark Henry
Prophecy:This match isn't taking us any where .. this whole Henry/Show/Bryan thing is making me nuts while thinking of it .. I guess we are up for shocker probably yes or probably not, Show might end up winning (which I can't see happening) or Henry retains & then Kane returns attacks him, Bryan cashes in & become champion or most probably Henry retains clean in order to keep the title for two months before losing it to someone at Elimination Chamber pay per view.
Result:Big Show wins
0 Points Awarded

CM Punk vs. Alberto del Rio vs. The Miz

Triple Threat TLC WWE Championship Match

Prediction:CM Punk
Prophecy:Potential Match of the night .. Cm Punk retains & thus when the ppv is over Alberto/Miz should go & watch the Twilight flick :P Note: Guys I think Punk will face Jericho at Wrestlemania 28 for the WWE Championship :)
This is my lock.
Result:CM Punk wins
1 Point Awarded (+1 bonus point)

Triple H vs. Kevin Nash

Sledgehammer Ladder Match

Prediction:Triple H
Prophecy:I really don't know where this storyline is heading seriously no one is interested in seeing Nash in action & hanging a sledge hammer on top made the match suck big time because it's already a no DQ, I guess the creative team has lost it completely nevertheless hoping Triple H wins it & ends this feud or else they are thinking of bringing the whole McMahon family to help Nash win to further the feud.
Result:Triple H wins
1 Point Awarded

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder

United States Championship

Prediction:Zack Ryder
Prophecy:This time he finally gets it, John Cena sacrifice his opportunity to compete in a wwe title match at TLC only for Ryder to get a chance to face Dolph Ziggler for the US title. So the internet Sensation finally wins the big one & Ziegler to move on to something big. WOO WOO U KNOW IT :P
Result:Zack Ryder wins
1 Point Awarded

Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T

Intercontinental Championship

Prediction:Cody Rhodes
Prophecy:I would not say a tough one to predict is that it can go either way, I guess Booker needs to put Cody over a win for Booker right now is not a good option.
Result:Cody Rhodes wins
1 Point Awarded

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Tables Match

Prediction:Wade Barrett
Prophecy:I guess Randy has done a splendid job putting Barrett on top in this feud, this match can also go either way I guess Barrett still needs a win here in order to go in the rumble as a top contender.
Result:Randy Orton wins
0 Points Awarded
Total Points: 4 (+1 Bonus Point)

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