Prophecies of Legend Killer-rko

Night of Champions 2011

Alberto del Rio vs. John Cena

WWE Championship

Prediction:Alberto del Rio
Prophecy:I don't like Del Rio as champ at all no mic skills no in ring skills this guy is like a monkey working with a toolbox... but its too soon even for him to lose the title here
Result:John Cena wins
0 Points Awarded

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

World Heavyweight Championship

Prediction:Randy Orton
Prophecy:Mark Henry is just a fat piece of shit and does not deserve to hold the title, i hope the viper hits him with a punt to the skull after all he is the wwe's Apex Predator!
Result:Mark Henry wins
0 Points Awarded

CM Punk vs. Triple H

No Disqualifications with Triple H's Job on the Line

Prediction:Triple H
Prophecy:As much as i love to see Punk win and shut HHH up i don't think it will happen here, i see Hunter picking up the win here not only cause of Nash being the differentiating factor but because he will be returning to the ring so they have to give him the 1,2,3.
Result:Triple H wins
1 Point Awarded

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison

Fatal 4-Way for the United States Championship

Prediction:Jack Swagger
Prophecy:This title will fit Jack Swaggers personality perfectly the all american, american... besides the way the story line is going it seems that Vickie does not seem too interested in managing Ziggler anymore and prefers Swagger instead
Result:Dolph Ziggler wins
0 Points Awarded

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

Divas Championship

Prediction:Beth Phoenix
Prophecy:Going with Beth here she needs to win here to spice up the rivalry and take it to the next level
Result:Kelly Kelly wins
0 Points Awarded

Air Boom vs. Miz & R-Truth

WWE Tag Team Championship

Prediction:Air Boom
Prophecy:They just won, although Truth and Miz look very impressive but its too soon for Air Boom to drop the titles here
Result:Air Boom wins
1 Point Awarded

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

Intercontinental Championship

Prediction:Cody Rhodes
Prophecy:Its the start of their feud and right now to make it interesting Cody will pick up the win here, although in the up coming ppv's there will come a point where Ted will take the strap of Cody...
This is my lock.
Result:Cody Rhodes wins
1 Point Awarded (+1 bonus point)
Total Points: 3 (+1 Bonus Point)

3 Points Earned | 43% Accurate

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