Prophecies of Legend Killer-rko

Vengeance 2011

Alberto del Rio vs. John Cena

Last Man Standing for the WWE Championship

Prediction:Alberto del Rio
Prophecy:Cena aint getting the title back here... for now Alberto will hold on to it
Result:Alberto del Rio wins
1 Point Awarded

Mark Henry vs. Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship

Prediction:Mark Henry
Prophecy:If they wanna keep pushing Henry then he is definitely gonna hold on to the strap a little longer
Result:No Contest
Points N/A

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder

United States Championship

Prediction:Zack Ryder
Prophecy:Are u serious bro! Zack Ryder for the win, woo woo woo you know it...
Result:Dolph Ziggler wins
0 Points Awarded

Air Boom vs. Ziggler & Swagger

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Prediction:Ziggler & Swagger
Prophecy:I changed my mind too... If zigglef loses the us title then he and swagger can gain credability as a team and win the tag titles, which will be a good factor for their faction
Result:Air Boom wins
0 Points Awarded

Triple H & CM Punk vs. Miz & R-Truth

Prediction:Triple H & CM Punk
Prophecy:Trips n Punk deserve to win this match because its due to Miz and Truth playing a huge part in the fact that Triple H lost control of the show
Result:Awesome Truth wins
0 Points Awarded

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

Prediction:Randy Orton
Prophecy:They could have put Orton in a triple threat for the whc but I guess they wanted some new faces... Anyways there is no way in hell that Orton loses here, so another win for the apex predator here, go team viper
This is my lock.
Result:Randy Orton wins
1 Point Awarded (+1 bonus point)

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres

Divas Championship

Prediction:Beth Phoenix
Prophecy:She just won it in the last ppv...
Result:Beth Phoenix wins
1 Point Awarded

Sheamus vs. Christian

Prophecy:This one could go either way its a tough one to predict, cause sheamus is on a roll and christian badly needs a win to even up the score
Result:Sheamus wins
0 Points Awarded
Total Points: 3 (+1 Bonus Point)

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